Monk London, Environmental Graphics










While working at MONK London, a creative agency, a unique opportunity arose to design the wall graphics for their new office. Being a fairly new startup company, there wasn’t a well established visual language yet, which left room for a lot of creativity.

Collaborationg with the creative dirctor, we worked up a concept which played off of their name and also main tag line “Creating Believers”. The idea was to create a modern cathedral for ideas and creative thinking. The window, and also the main focal point of the room, simulates a stained glass effect while also playing off of MONK’s minimal square logo. 

From there, the window design breaks apart to simple lines, which feel like they are folding and reshaping to something familiar. The minimal illustrations are greatly influenced from Origami art. This idea captures the creative energy and interest of the viewer by hiding details in the larger concept. I also created the typography for this bespoke project, and is also based on a folding piece of paper while having a gothic and modern edge.

Material: Cut vinyl