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This logo design was a personal project, which was sparked by my interest in Space and Identity design. When I was living in London I used to pass by The British Interplanetary Society on my way to grab a coffee. It was upsetting to me that the building was easily ignorable for such an exciting future facing meeting spot. I felt it deserved a more impressive presence, which would in turn attract young intellectuals and increase innovation.

The design speaks to the past and future of science and space technology. The spacesuit icon resembles a constellation and symbolizes the beginning of finding patterns in space. These important observations of the stars and planets then led way to the discoveries we know of today. The overall concept is showing the importance of imagination and is shown through the face looking towards the stars. Innovation occurs when the mind is free to discover. The spacesuit is also used to ground our perspective and understanding of the universe rather than using an actual constellation from centuries ago. This creates a unified symbol representing ‘from imagination to reality’.

In order to connect the long history of BIS, the three outlying stars represent the original three stars in first BIS emblem. It also feels important that the symbol can evolve and change depending on its need, and has some adaptability for more icons in the future.