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I'm back on it!

Since I stopped receiving a formal education, I have been going through a period of trying to redefine who I am as a designer and how to balance that ever dangerous line between work design and personal projects. So after awhile I've discovered it's still important to have your own voice away from daily work. It gives me a chance to do projects which are entirely led by myself and my own motivation with free creative range. Something that should not be undervalued. I worried for awhile whether I simply had the energy to design on my own time, and also how was I going to choose projects to undertake without a professor or client dictating the answer? Now I know the right way forward is by doing things I love and I'm excited about. That's the motivation – but also to make sure to document my process as I have done before on this blog. [Queue new project]

So I have recently undertaken a task to redesign the identity of a space society. I will reveal the name come sooner to the result. But mostly the reason I chose it was because I have walked by it quite a lot lately and felt that for such an amazing society it is humbly placed and easy to miss both in its physical location and on the internet space. Such a shame. But a great opportunity for me to help and show the potential! Plus I am fascinated with anything to do with outer-space! Perfect match. 

My first task is research. Lots and lots of research. I am going to The London Library this weekend to do just that. I feel finding out more about the history of space research like astrology is way to go. We'll see what spins from that though as well.

In the mean time I have been collating a whole lot of articles and posts having to do with Space! I'll be posting inspiration along the way but here's a few to start:


US Space Travel Infographic




VINTAGE Space Photos!



So basically get ready for everything SPACE!!!! :) good to be back!

Signing off.


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