Space Identity project

space identity 1

Hi space cadets. I wanted to give an update on my progress for my brand identity project for a not yet disclosed space center in London (which is probably not so much of secret anymore). A few weeks have passed now, and I have gathered quite a lot of inspiration and come up with a concept that I am really pleased with for their identity. I am amped to figure out the finer details of the logo and brand identity, and then execute it. I've wanted to do a pillow and a mug for ages now (don't ask why, there's no great answer other than I love both things), so be excited for that to come! 

Below are my inspirations the last few weeks and my progress so far.


(top image) I am in love with this 1900's Planisphere!


Also I took a trip to the science museum to see the hadron collider exhibit!

space identity 2

space identity 3


Went to the library to find books on Astronomy, and bought a couple heavy reading ones...

space identity 4 

Went to see a talk by the design duo who created all the Harry Potter identity. I know it's not exactly about space, but I like any excuse to fit in HP!

 space identity 5



space identity 6

space identity 7

space identity 8

space identity 9

That's all for now!


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